Ross Stapleton-Gray

Ross for Schools

Albany Board of Education 2018

About Ross

My family and I have lived in Albany for the past 17 years, and our younger daughter is a senior at Albany High. From the day our elder daughter started kindergarten in 2003 I've learned about our schools first hand, as a parent, and as a very active volunteer.

Since joining the Board, I've had more opportunities to appreciate and assess other aspects of the district, from the big picture of the budget, and the current $90M construction effort that will affect more than half of the district school sites, down to the specific concerns of students and their families, teachers, administrators, and those Albany residents and taxpayers who are not directly involved in the schools, but who support them as well.

  • Four years experience as an AUSD Board trustee.
  • Two years board service for Albany SchoolCARE.
  • Proud parent of a current and a former AUSD student.
  • Completed Masters in Governance certification from the California School Boards Association to learn best practices.
  • Have worked to ensure school construction bond money is well spent.
  • After racist and anti-Semitic incidents at Albany High, attended many community meetings to hear about ways to improve AUSD and its response to students’ actions.
  • Life-long learner; taken courses to better understand innovation in schools and online learning.
  • Looking forward to working more with Albany Unified School District about curriculum excellence and flexibility; school start-time hours, reducing student stress.